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How To Open Your Electric Garage Door In A Power Cut

Electric garage doors are a great way to improve your quality of life, providing you with a means of automatically opening your garage door without having to go to the hassle of doing it manually. But what about power cuts? They present a problem.

The good news is that most varieties of electric garage door allow you to open them, even if the electricity supply is shut off.

Different systems have different methods of opening.

Use The High-Level External Winding Handle

High-level external winding handles are usually found on electric garage doors that are fitted entirely externally. The manual handle is generally covered in a lockable steel plate to prevent unauthorised access.

Use The Low-Level Winding Handle

Low-level winding handles are usually found on roller garage doors which provide the only access to the garage. Low-level winding handles are, again, often protected by a steel plate, and allow you to wind the door up and down from the outside of the garage.

Use The Garage Door Handle Release Mechanism

Most up-and-over and side-hinged garage doors have a handle release mechanism. All you need to do is turn the handle from the inside to release the motor and then open the garage door by hand.

Use An Emergency Battery Pack

Emergency battery packs are a great way to provide backup power in the event of an outage for practically any electric garage door. Batteries usually have onboard sensors that can detect if there’s been a power cut and automatically supply energy.

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