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Troubleshooting Tips For Garage Doors

Garage doors are unusual. Unlike most doors, they slide up or open from the top, meaning that they have unique and unusual mechanisms. Most of the time, your garage doors behave themselves and do what you want, but eventually, they’ll let you down, and you’ll have to do a spot of troubleshooting. Check out these tips for putting your garage doors right.

Tip #’1: Check The Emergency Release Cord

First thing’s first: check the door. Pull on the emergency release cord and see whether the door opens and closes properly. If it does, fine. If it doesn’t then there could be a problem elsewhere in the system.

Tip #2: Check The Wall Switch

Sometimes your garage door remote works fine, but the wall switch doesn’t. Open up the wall switch to see whether all of the wires are where they’re supposed to be. Check the owner’s manual if you’re not sure where they’re supposed to go. (Garage wall switches are low voltage so they shouldn’t shock you).

Tip #3: Check The Trolley Carriage

Sometimes, the trolley carriage moves, but the door refuses to open. If that happens, then it’s likely you’ve got a broken trolley carriage that needs replacing.

Tip #4: Check The Gear Drive

If there’s a problem with the gear drive, you’ll hear a grinding noise. If you hear a noise and the door doesn’t open, then you may need to replace the main drive gear. This is a common component to fail. Replacing it can be a little tricky. Again, you’ll need to check a guide or an owner’s manual.

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